Kevin Furuli

First post: Dec 11, 2006 Latest post: Jul 29, 2021
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We almost made it to the two year period of clean brain pics.

Kevin received confirmation that a tumor had returned to his brain during a regular follow up MRI done on November 14th. As a result, he recently had his second craniotomy on December 11th, and the pathology report has dignosed the cancerous tumor as a Grade 3 Oligoastrocytoma. Kevin will need to go through both chemo and radiation treatment once he recovers from surgery.

Kevin himself is doing extremely well. He is alert, strong and missing his role as dad very much. We were surprised and ecstatic when the doctor discharged Kevin on Friday, Dec. 15th. We were home in Hilo by evening time. We will continue to focus on Kevin's healing and recovery before he prepares for his upcoming treatment.

After meeting with both his medical and radiation oncologists, he decided that he would like to go through his treatment on Oahu at Queen's. We haven't thought the logistics through yet, but it looks as though he will be staying over during his 6 - 6.5 week course of treatment.

Again, we will continue to focus our energy on the healing process and prepare to take the necessary next steps.

It has been a difficult path up to this point, but I feel compelled to share that we have been extremely blessed as well. The medical team has been phenomenal and we are so very appreciative of the support on ALL levels! Dr. Morita, Kevin's neurosurgeon is a good man. We feel very confident and comforted knowing that Kevin is in Dr. Morita's care. He is a very knowledgable, caring and compassionate man. I also can't imagine going through this without the support from our family and very special friends. I know with certainty, that Kevin is also comforted knowing that his children are safe and that there are people around that will make sure that I eat and rest myself. And most importantly, I have God to thank for carrying us through this, and ask for his continued blessing on Kevin's healing and to provide us with the strength and hope to carry us through the next steps.

Please know that Kevin is doing well and that we truly appreciate all of the prayers and well wishes!