Ken Wilson

First post: Mar 3, 2022 Latest post: Dec 4, 2022

I wanted to have a spot (here)  where I could update everyone close to Ken and I regarding his recent diagnosis and treatment.    Friends and Family can reach out to us any day and any time.  If we can't take your call we will get back to you.  Sandy: 972-841-9491; Ken: 972-849-3100; Kendall: 214-605-1275.  The support from friends has been overwhelming and has contributed to our positive attitude.  Please no solicitation from strangers. or businesses.

Since January 4th Ken has been treated for Pancreatitis by his Internist.  He was having pain in his abdomen and had an ultrasound and labs that confirmed Pancreatitis.    He was having labs and doctor visits weekly.  After about 4 weeks of this, the doctor ordered an MRI and soon after an appointment with the Gastroenterologist for an Endoscopy and biopsies. 

Unfortunately, his confirmed diagnosis is Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma with Metastasis to the Liver.  Our good friend Joe Turano was able to get Ken an appointment last week with a highly regarded Oncologist,  A. David McCollum, M. D. , who specializes in Pancreatic Cancer.  The doctor is located at Baylor, Dallas.  Since we visited the Oncologist, things began to move quickly.  We met with his Chemo Nurse on Monday, then he had a port inserted surgically Wednesday for his chemo.  That went well.  He goes for a CT scan of the chest today, followed by genetic counseling and testing on Monday; this is because his father died of Pancreatic Cancer and his Mom died of Melanoma.  Believe it or not, the Braca 1 and Braca 2 tests known to detect hereditary Breast Cancer are also relevant to Pancreatic Cancer and Melanoma.   He will start an aggressive chemo treatment on March 3rd.  He will come home with a chemo fanny pack and pump after his treatment on the 3rd.  On March 5th the pump will be removed.   He will go through this process every two weeks for about three months.   The doctor said that he may have a few days of discomfort (possible nausea) but most young (we laughed; it's all relative) and healthy people do well.

Ken is in good spirits and only needs Tylenol for his pain.  His positive attitude will help with this fight.  I am very proud of him and am so thankful for the Baylor Machine that has coordinated everything so quickly.  

Unless something should happen before chemo starts, I will post an update after March 5th.   I will try to keep this site updated with any new information.  Again, this is not to replace calls and texts, it's just a place where everyone is updated with the same information.