Kent Bailey

I have created this fundraising campaign to help my twin brother, Kent Bailey. As some of you may know, Kent has battled for many years with mental health and substance abuse issues. Sadly, Kent attempted suicide on June 26th. This was his third attempt in the last year or so. He is currently unresponsive and still battling for life in the hospital ICU. My resolve to get Kent real resources and life saving help is stronger now than ever. It is heartbreaking for our family to see the pain he is in and to be unable to instantly provide the treatment we all know that he so greatly needs. I am working with Limitless, Inc., an Oklahoma nonprofit who helps those in crisis find real and effective help. They are assisting me in many areas. In order to get Kent to the best facility possible that will treat his co occurring disorders, we will need to raise money for his treatment costs as well as the many medical bills that will begin to pile up. Kent does not have insurance, so the need  for funds are crucial in getting him where he needs to go. This is an opportunity for all of us to come together and put action to our love and support for Kent, as well as be advocates in the fight for those battling mental illness and addiction. Any amount helps. Your support is sincerely appreciated as we walk through this devastating journey.