Kent Streit

First post: Aug 27, 2022 Latest post: Sep 15, 2022
(From Karl) Around August 2021 dad started having abnormal pain that was affecting his golf game. I’m not saying that was the only reason he went to the doctor, but it was pretty high on the list. After some testing, they discovered he had cancer. More testing over the next couple of months, determined that he had prostate cancer, and it was late stage.  In the year since he was diagnosed, he joined one drug trial, that initially, helped correct his low numbers, and reduce his symptoms however, overtime it was not able to continue helping him. During that time, he has spent most of his days at home with Christine and Sandy (their sweet golden doodle who has recently passed) at their home in Nassau Bay, Texas. He was hospitalized several times because he was not able to manage his pain at home. Since the conclusion of the first drug trial, he was offered the opportunity to start a second drug, that would be more specific to his genetic mutation. He has spent the last month or two going to doctors appointments and getting numerous scans. He finally made it into the trial and started receiving medication. Now, it is in the end of August 2022, and the new medication has been giving him significant side effects. He is, currently, at MD Anderson as they try to manage his pain, and determine the next course of action.