Ken Perkins

First post: Feb 8, 2019 Latest post: Feb 24, 2023
Ken and Crisand have two beautiful children; Ashley Moyer and Allen Perkins and four amazing grandsons; Aiden, Charlie, Colby and Eli. Ken was diagnosed with choroidal melanoma in August 2017 and his right eye was removed in September 2017. Unfortunately his cancer metastasized to the liver, left lung pleura, and the sacrum (lower back) relatively quickly. Choroidal or uveal melanoma is rare, affecting 6 in a million people. Because it is a rare cancer, it is not well studied and it poses higher risks and treatment challenges that are not common with skin melanoma metastasis. Ken is fighting this cancer everyday and created this page to help family and friends get up to date information on his cancer treatments and successes.