Kenny Unruh

First post: Feb 16, 2020 Latest post: May 22, 2020
Kenny is my husband, our children’s Father and if you know him he’s your friend.  We have four rambunctious boys 1 dog and a hay barn.  Western Hay Sales is the name of our Business.   We are very passionate about what we do there.  Normally, Kenny is very strong and can buck more hay than most guys (not bragging😉just sayin’).  Lately though, something has been a little off.  He’s been struggling with shortness  of breath and feeling a lot of pressure in his chest.  Wednesday we we’re on a hay delivery up in Yamhill. He was feeling a lot worse than usual. He started wondering if he was having a heart attack. We were able to make it home and he felt a little better so he took a shower and went to bed.  The next day we decided we should go to an urgent care and have him checked out. We loaded up our hay trailer first and took a load to a customer in Salem, dropped the trailer off there and then went out for lunch. We drove to the Salem urgent care and tried to check in there. They wouldn’t see Kenny with the symptoms he had and referred us to the emergency room. They took us right back to the triage room and gave Kenny an EKG. When the Nurse came back on the room with a wheelchair and said we would go by wheelchair to a room we got a little nervous.  From that point there was a furry of tests and IV’s and hours of waiting.  They did a heart sonogram and then a chest X-ray.  Something didn’t seem right to them so they ordered a CT scan and that’s when they could see the tumor.  The doctor came in then and told us about it.  He let us know we wouldn’t be going home. The rest of the story remains to be written...
We have already received such an outpouring of love and prayers from so many of you.  It truly removes the sting of what we’re going through. Our Father God in Heaven has been so close to us.  When we’re scared we pray and he takes away our fear. Our sins are washed away by his blood.  He’s asked us to walk this path ahead of us and we have committed to walk it. Knowing  he wouldn’t ask anything of us that we cant handle. 
 I will try to update from time to time so you all can see how it’s going over here with us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your love and support. May You feel God’s Blessing on your life💞