Kenny-Boy Wagner Kenny Wagner

First post: Feb 14, 2021 Latest post: Mar 9, 2021
We are starting this site to keep people up to date on Kenny's (AKA Kenny-Boy) health journey. We will try our best to share as much information as possible when we get it. Because of COVID restrictions, we won't have updates as often as we would all like or in the room knowledge of how Kenny is doing.  Not being able to hold his hand or whisper encouragement is one of the hardest parts of this journey. We appreciate all of your prayers and well wishes.

 Early February 2021 Kenny and Val begin to feel under the weather. Although their symptoms were different, it began to look more and more like both had contracted the dreaded COVID-19.

 After about a week of fever, nausea, fatigue, and chills, on Feb 13th, Kenny visited the Detroit Lakes Emergency room to talk with a doctor about his worsening symptoms. Immediately, they decided to send him to Fargo for COVID 19 pneumonia treatment. He was experiencing very low oxygen levels and having a hard time breathing.

Once arriving at the Sanford Hospital in Fargo, tests were taken and they began treatment. We were encouraged to hear that soon after his first treatment, he was able to smile. We were also informed that Kenny is experiencing "purple lungs" and he is expected to be in the hospital for 7-10 days. They wanted to have him on his belly as much as possible and work on getting his oxygen volume up.

 The first night in the hospital was not great and the doctor said it would be necessary to intubate in order to give Kenny-Boy's lungs some time to heal. The family got to spend some time talking to Kenny on Zoom.  In true fashion, Kenny was giving the nurses a run for their money and bragging about his kids and grandkids. Yes, he had us laughing multiple times and of course had to let everyone in the room know that "Val - (the lovely and vivacious) was the meanest woman in Minnesota and she was married to the nicest man in Becker county".  We let him know that everyone was asking for him and that we were excited to talk to him again after his lungs had time to heal.

 Around 3pm CT, Kenny was sedated and intubated. They expect this to take 7-10 days. We will post updates as we get them.