Kenneth Smith

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Chronology of Ken's Illnesses (more details in the Journal)

10/31/2018 - Ken had to go to the ER because he was unable to stand up straight or move his legs.  He has been diagnosed with  severe vascular disease meaning his has blockage (calcium build-up)  in blood vessels and arteries throughout his body.  More details are posted in the Journals on this site.

7/8/2016 - Partial amputation left baby toe and part of the foot.

6/28/2016 - Ken has stints but in his thigh and knee to help the blood flow to his lower legs and feet.  He has very poor blood flow due to his artery disease.

1/4/2015 - Kenny fell and broke his leg on 1/4/2015.  He was walking from the Kitchen to the Family Room and slipped.  He said he felt his bone break.  He scooted over to couch to call me then since was cooking his breakfast at the time he scooted back into the kitchen to turn the stove off. Even though he has a wrist band alert to press for assistance he chose to call me at work and laid there until I got home.  I called our son Kenny to meet me at home because I knew I would not be able to lift him by myself.  When I got there he was laying on the floor. his knee was pointed upward but his foot was flopped to the right.  Ken got there a few minutes later and we knew that we could not get him up without damaging his leg.  Also his legs are very weak anyway due to the neuropathy and his right leg is the stronger leg.  We called 911, it took 3 Paramedics to get him onto the cot.  They assessed his legs and said they thought his ankle was not broken because they could move it. 

When we got the hospital they took x-rays and found that the shin bone was broken near the ankle and there is a small break to a small bone in the back of his leg about 2 inches below his knee.  Since the bone was broken in two they said it would not heal with a cast they would have to do surgery to put a rod in the bone and screws to hold it.

12/5/2012 - Kenny was taken to the hospital by ambulance on Wednesday.  When he got to the hospital he went into a coma because his blood sugar level was 500.  This was due to an infection in his blood.  They later found out that the infection was due to the fact that his colon had died because of no blood flow.  This was caused by his blood pressure dropping during dialysis.

12/5/2012 - Colectomy - colon removed on ostomy bag.  Colon died as a result poor blood flow and pulling too much water off at dialysis.

9/2014 - Started having confusion electrolytes low

1/16/2013 -  Blockage in his arteries

1/13/2013 - Bacteria in his blood

7/27/2011 - Started Dialysis

12/4/2010 - Kenny's heart stopped beating and he stopped breathing for 20 minutes while in the hospital being treated for congestive heart failure.

2008 - Congestive Heart Failure.  Ken has gained a lot of excess weight due to fluid build up from congestive heart failure.  He has been given lasik tablets to run the fluid off.   He has had to have fluid drained from his lungs and it was a couple of liters each time.