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First post: Jan 1, 2020 Latest post: Feb 28, 2020
What follows below is a story. It’s a story about my journey battling cancer. We all know someone with cancer. A family member, a friend, neighbor or coworker. Maybe even yourself. The American Cancer Society says there are 358 different types of cancer. Each type is so personal to the individual that has it. It’s different for everyone. My story might make you cry, it might make you laugh. My hope is that it inspires you. May it inspire you to take better care of yourself and those you care about. May it inspire you to LIVE every movement to the fullest, to take care of things you might have been putting off or waiting for the right time. If anyone reading this is battling cancer or knows someone who is, may my story inspire you to have the courage to consider all treatment options available .Ultimately, may it inspire you to have faith. Cancer affects all aspects of your life from relationships, to emotions, to career, to diet, to financial. Nothing goes untouched. I have set up a “Go Fund Me” page to help with the financial part of my healing journey. If after reading my story you feel compelled to contribute, I would be grateful.  To contribute click on "Ways to Help" above and you can access my Go Fund Me site. Your thoughts and prayers are also welcomed and can be added to this site. To read about my journey click on Journal tab and sort by oldest to newest.  I will be updating my journey as often as I can and when inspiration hits me! So stay tuned.....