Ken Chambless

First post: May 27, 2022 Latest post: Jun 24, 2022
In September 2020 I woke up with chest pains. Significant blockage was found in my Right Artery and 3 stents were placed via heart cath.

 January 2021 arrived with more chest pain. Another heart cath revealed more blockage and one stent had significant restenosis (scar tissue build up blocking stent). Another stent was placed as well as angioplasty in blocked stent. 

April 2021, more pain, same stent still blocked. A 5th stent was placed inside this problematic stent. 

A year goes by and I’m doing great, thinking that we are finally past the issue. While on treadmill training for this summers John Muir Trail hike in California, the pain returned. Cardiologist and I mutually agree on no more angioplasty…no more stents…bypass surgery is needed. 

Open heart by-pass surgery is scheduled for June 2,2022. I’m not sure you can prepare your mind for something like this, but I’m prepared to take this challenge on. My summer plans, beach fun with family and of course my thru-hike with brother, son and friends, are dashed…and that hurts me more than this heart does! But…I look forward to finally getting this problem corrected and enjoying many more years in the sand and climbing mountains. 

My mother recently passed away (Cancer), herself a 25+ year open heart bypass survivor, so I know she will be holding my hand throughout my surgery and the months of recovery. I also have an amazing wife in Deecie and a do anything for you family that will make sure I’m recovering well. 

Thank you to my family, friends and co-workers for their support throughout this journey. Please follow my story here and check back for updates!