Ken Knudsen

Thanks for dropping by Kenny K's virtual doo-hickey!  Ken has had a very busy four years as pertains to his health and has made the honorable and logical decision to begin notifying those he loves and those who love him (not mutually exclusive!) as to his current condition, his availability for calls and visits, and his progress through the various challenges he confronts.  Our family hopes this venue is a useful one for those who have strolled along the winding road with Ken for any period of time.  Selfishly, we all hope this venue will assist in limiting the amount of time we all must spend in explaining the past and current state of his health and allow for more interesting conversations to occur.  Conversations such as, "Some weather, eh?", "How about those Vikings?", and, of course, "What was his name?  The guy from the place who did that stuff before what's-her-name asked the other guy why that other gal stopped going to wherever it was?"

Welcome and thank you for visiting and, if compelled, reach out with an encouraging message or story from your time with Ken.