Kelsey Thorkelsson Kelsey’s Story

First post: Sep 27, 2020 Latest post: Oct 16, 2020
I went to the ED in Kamloops on September 22 and my blood work showed pancytopenia, which is low white blood cells, low hemoglobin, and low platelets. I was then transported to Vancouver General Hospital via plane from Kamloops to be under the care of the hematology department. I got a bone marrow biopsy and a few anxious days of waiting for the results, I was diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia on the 28th.

It is a rare condition that is considered an autoimmune disorder, where my bone marrow/stem cells are being attacked by my immune system, the cause is unknown. It leaves my bone marrow empty and unable to produce new blood cells. Although it is not cancer, the treatment can be similar. Unfortunately, my one and only sister Taylor was only a half match for a bone marrow transplant, and we will be starting the immunosuppressive therapy next week.

Feel free to read the journal, and keep in mind I’m not the best writer/storyteller, but I can’t wait to read it back in a year. If you are wanting to help, I urge you to start donating blood. Without the transfusions, I wouldn’t be able to wait for treatment.

Transfusion tally: RBC: 8 & Platelets: 10
Puzzle tally: 12