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First post: Nov 30, 2020

Many of you that know me or my family, you know of my mother, Kelly and the battle that she has been facing for the last 7 years. If you aren’t familiar with her, In November of 2013, Kelly was diagnosed with breast cancer. The most terrifying news some can hear, however she was strong and knew she had a fight to put up. A year of chemo, radiation and surgery, and she was all better, or we all had hoped and prayed. In January of 2019, roughly 5 years after her original diagnoses, Kelly was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, her cancer had metastasized to the brain. My mother again, remained strong through it all and underwent brain surgery and radiation treatments and started taking chemo pills. Every 3 months when it was time for a brain scan the oncologist always seemed to find yet another tumor in the brain almost every 3rd scan, and she had to undergo more radiation treatments. My mother was let go from her job that she was loyal to for over 11 years due to not being able to perform at 100% of her abilities because of all of her treatment she was undergoing. In February of 2019, not even a month after my mom’s brain surgery my dad, Chris, tore his patellar tendon in his knee and had to have surgery, something that was supposed to only leave him out of work for 3 months, turned into almost a year, due to them having to redo his surgery twice after that. Once my father was finally back at work, In June 2020, he tore his rotator cuff in his shoulder, putting him out of work yet again due to having to undergo surgery and physical therapy. My dad has not been able to consistently work since January 2019, thus both of them not having stable income for well over a year.

Just a few weeks ago we got the news that my mom’s cancer has metastasized to her liver, lung, lymph-nodes and some bones. She is remaining strong in this as her oncologists have come up with a game plan to start her back on chemo treatments and execute the best plan of action for her.

We all know the physical and mental drain this can put on a family, however my parents are enduring this as well as the strain of financial burden where the bills do not stop just because life happens, in fact they increase, medical bills, treatments and prescriptions are not cheap, and with both of my parents not working currently, my father’s insurance has been stripped, thus kicking my mother off as well. Their only option for insurance right now is COBRA at $1800 a month. My parents are not the asking kind. It’s not in their nature, and it never has been, in fact they are always the ones to give when it is needed and when they can, therefore I am asking for them, because I can see the strain it has put on them and no one should have to worry about not being able to be treated when they are ill.

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