San Fran

Kelly Richards

First post: Aug 12, 2018 Latest post: Nov 29, 2018
Our Kelly was involved in a serious bicycle accident on August 12th and sustained serious head injuries. She has had multiple surgeries to relieve pressure on her brain. She is currently in the ICU in Critical condition. 

Please keep sending positive energy, healing thoughts and prayers.  She needs all of it! If you would like to help Kelly there is a GoFundMe link on this page under personal fund raiser and all of these funds go to helping Kelly in her journey to healing. If you would like to donate to CaringBridge those donations help CaringBridge keep operating which we are grateful for but those funds don't go to Kelly.

We can’t wait for Kelly to get back to her favorite things: working out, running, biking, pool days, patios, the Seahawks, Golden Girls, NKOTB, texting, selfies, Bitmojis, a cold beer, nachos, THE CLUB, catching up with friends, helping a coworker, Rojo, Crave, The Cardinal, The 1029, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Mexico, quoting a movie, PRIDE 🌈, dancing to Prince, the Wild, SEATTLE, the beach, St. Patrick’s Day (favorite holiday 🍀), watching Dexter, celebrating her birthday, Moorhead, SPUDS, gathering with her family.... the list goes on!