Kelly Lindsay

First post: Dec 23, 2018 Latest post: May 1, 2020

Hello everyone… or anyone… I was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma in the Right Temporal lobe of my brain in mid-December and had surgery on December 28th that removed about 80% of the mass. I am currently about halfway through a 6-7-week  protocol of taking Temodar (chemo pill) daily and undergoing Proton Beam Radiation Therapy  every week day. This is the "Standard of Care" for this cancer. It's going well, I am in no pain to speak of and have no particular fear either about the cancer or the treatment.

I’ll probably use this as a way to record my own musings which is a benefit to me but could easily be a trial of patience for you. I’ll try to include a “box score” section about what’s happening on the medical front, appointments, etc. but I have to admit that that part doesn’t interest me very much. Comments, love notes, and gifts of light and prayers are always helpful and I can feel them viscerally so please keep those coming, but know that I may not be able to respond to anything in any kind of timely manner personally but I appreciate them all the same. Diana, though, probably will respond on a more personal level because, well, it’s her turn. If a message string turns into an actual give-and-take conversation, it will likely be with her—but fair warning, there, too because Diana is still the voice of her trillion cells and has been since her “you’re going to die” cancer 13 years ago so if they all get involved it could be an extended conversation.