Kelly Kabotoff Give it hell, Kell!

First post: Jul 22, 2022 Latest post: Jul 26, 2023
In June, I began experiencing some minor abdominal cramping/pain and felt a lump in my belly. Something just didn't seem right, and when the pain increased I went to the doctor at Grand Itasca where they quickly scheduled a CT scan (on 6/29) to check into the issue further. The CT results showed a mass on my colon and spots on my liver. The Grand Itasca care team went above and beyond and not only got me in as quickly as possible for a colonoscopy (performed on July 6th), but they had already used their magic powers to fast-track me into the Mayo Clinic system before the colonoscopy was even performed. (THANK YOU, Dr. Soular and Dr. Owens, for being amazing advocates for me!). On July 7th, pathology reports confirmed that the mass on my colon is indeed cancerous and that I'm going to need surgery ASAP. 

I have been scheduled to begin my Mayo Clinic adventure on July 20th with another CT scan and additional testing. I will meet with my surgeons and oncologist on July 21st. The assumption is that surgery will happen at the end of that week and that I will be at Mayo for 7-10 days during this stay, but we will keep everyone updated here as my care team finalizes the treatment plan. We are unsure if Chemo or Radiation will be part of that plan. 

My 4 amazing kiddos know what's going on and they are doing great. Their dad, Scott, has been an amazing support and will be taking them in his care full time until I am back home and able to again share that responsibility. My family (Mom, Meghan, and Tommy) will be with me at Mayo and will help keep you all updated here as things move along. And my dad is getting the prayer army ready to fight up in heaven. 

I'm ready to fight like hell, and I know that all your good vibes, prayers, and positive juju will help give me strength for what's ahead.  We will soldier on, just like my dad taught us.