Keith Zylstra Keith Zylstra

First post: Jun 12, 2020

Many of you may not know, but in 2018 my Dad had his routine colonoscopy.   Pretty routine, but never fun.  This one was not so ordinary it showed that he had some spots that concerned the doctor.  They did some testing and found out it was Colorectal Cancer.   Within the month he was scheduled for surgery to remove that portion of the colon and test the lymph node that was enlarged.  The doctor were pretty confident they got it all and by the shock of the doctor the lymph node was CLEAR!! Praise the Lord.

Fast Forward to 2020, Dad went in for another colonoscopy which was clear... Yippee!! However, when he went in for his blood work Dad's white blood cells were higher than they should have been.  So they did a CT scan to see what or if anything showed up.  It did, there was yet again an enlarged lymph node and 5 spots on his liver that looked concerning.  Dad had a biopsy done on those spots and the lymph node. Again the lymph node was clear!!! However, the spots on his liver showed that the Colorectal Cancer had come back this time on his liver.  Making it stage 4 Colorectal Cancer.   Next step, meeting with the doctor to find out the best path of treatment.  It was decided that chemotherapy was the treatment of choice to try and kick this cancer's butt, literately!

Chemo started May 11, 2020.  Dad goes in every 2 weeks, for a 5-6 hour treatment and then is sent home with a pump for 46 hours.  After 6 treatments Dad will have another scan to see if they can do surgery on the liver.