Keith Rosenbloom

Cruiser Capital Advisors, LLC, which manages discretionary pooled investment vehicles (the "Cruiser Portfolios"), was founded by Keith Rosenbloom. He's been in charge of the Cruiser Portfolios since the beginning. Mr. Rosenbloom has assisted numerous public companies' boards of directors in identifying and hiring highly qualified members, resulting in increased shareholder value. Mr. Rosenbloom has more than 30 years of financial experience, specializing in uncommon public and private situations. Mr. Rosenbloom served as Portfolio Manager of the CARE Fund and the CARE Market Neutral Fund in addition to co-founding and managing CARE Capital Group. Before joining CARE Capital, Mr. Rosenbloom worked for Commonwealth Associates as Director of Merchant Banking. Mr. Rosenbloom is also a board member of Hillel International and Hatzalah (Israel's private ambulance service). Mr. Rosenbloom manages the alternative investment portfolios of two family offices. Keith graduated from Yale University. Mr. Rosenbloom has extensive experience in private equity investing in addition to corporate finance.