Kedric Curtis

First post: Mar 3, 2022 Latest post: 13 hours ago
Dear Family & Friends,

In early February 2022, we received the devastating news that Kedric has cancer. Peritoneal metastases (cancer in the abdominal lining) was discovered during a CT scan, which was performed due to stomach pain he had been experiencing. Knowing this is spread from a primary tumor, more tests were conducted, and Kedric was diagnosed with appendiceal cancer with peritoneal metastases, meaning it started where his appendix (removed in 2002!) attached to his colon and spread to the peritoneal lining. The cancer is advanced - when it has spread to the peritoneum, it cannot be cured, only managed.

Chemo began Wednesday, March 2. Because Kedric is relatively young and otherwise in good health, the chemo drug regimen is aggressive, and is received through a chemo port that was surgically inserted the week prior. Each chemo treatment lasts a total of 6-7 hours, and treatments are scheduled for every-other Wednesday. I can be with him during that time. Each time he gets a treatment, he takes home a small portable pump that is attached to his port for 48 hours which will continue to administer one of the chemo meds, then we go back on Friday to have the pump removed. The goals for chemo are to shrink the tumors (to provide pain relief), and stop the spread (to prolong life).

We want to thank everyone for your love, prayers, and words of support & encouragement through our journey. Kedric enjoys reading your messages, stories, pics, jokes…whatever you want to send his way to let him know you’re thinking of him! We would love for you to share that love and support with our children and grandchildren as well - Aaron & Merby and Calvin (age 6) & Claudia (age 5 months); Alison & Scott; and Kathryn. That means the world to us!

By the way, you may notice that Kedric is wearing special hats in his pics. These are from the ”Run with Rivs” collection. Tommy Rivs is a world-class runner who battled a life-threatening aggressive form of lung cancer. Kedric, a life-long runner, supported Rivs long before his own diagnosis, and now draws strength for his own cancer journey from Rivs.

Much love, Lisa