Kaylee Beridon

First post: Feb 1, 2021 Latest post: Mar 9, 2021
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On the afternoon of January 30, 2021, we receive a call from Kaylee’s pastor in Michigan. Kaylee was at a party for one of the children she used to nanny and after the party was over she was talking to the mom. All of a sudden, she threw her arms up in the air and collapsed on the floor.  She had no pulse, stopped breathing, and her heart had stopped. The mom called her husband, and he came running upstairs and began CPR on Kaylee while the mom called 911 for an ambulance. After 8 minutes, the dad was able to get her heart going again, and the ambulance rushed her to the hospital.

At first, doctors thought she had had a seizure but after many tests, they found that her electrolytes and potassium had bottomed out, and she was in cardiac arrest. That’s what stopped her heart.  

Saturday night she was moved to the Critical Care Unit and put on a ventilator. They have put her under a cooling unit to make her body temperature drop so her body can heal with no pressure on it to perform anything. They are registering her brain activity for 24-48 hours. She is very heavily medicated; it feels like a medical coma She can’t respond, and she is in a very deep sleep. On Monday morning (2/1/2021) at 12:30 AM, they will begin warming her body again over the course of 24-48 hours.  Tuesday (2/2/2021) they will slowly wake her up and begin testing her brain and muscle/neurological responses. The biggest concern they are preparing us for is that she may be brain dead because her heart stopped for at least 8 minutes.  

There are other concerns, but we would really appreciate it if you would target her brain responses. They keep telling us, “if she does respond at all, she may never be the Kaylee you remember.”  Honestly, that scares us to death.  

Please pray with us for a miracle!!  We really need one! Also, pray for tons of grace for me (Denise) and Randy ... we are devastated and numb.  

 We will be in Michigan until Kaylee is up and doing her thing, or we can bring her home. Thank you for praying!

Denise and Randy