Kay Grob

First post: Dec 27, 2021 Latest post: Feb 20, 2022
My mom has a history of asthma and chronic bronchitis; but her recent health struggle began in the fall of 2021 when she got an infection in her lungs.  She battled this lung condition for some time before it was finally diagnosed in November, and she began taking the correct medications to overcome her shortness of breath.  She was also battling low iron and some chemical imbalances in her blood.   Mom was still recovering at Thanksgiving when she got bit by the Covid bug.  Despite being immunized, after a few days, she quickly realized she needed immediate medical care for her lack of oxygen issues that are so common in Covid patients.  This began a series of days being treated with oxygen in the hospital.  It was a long couple of weeks as we prayed for the oxygen she was receiving to give her body all she needed to transport oxygenated blood to her organs without needing to be put on a respirator machine.  After many days our prayers were being answered as desired, and she returned home mid- December without oxygen even needed! Perfect timing for her to enjoy the holiday decorations my dad put around the house and prepare for the out of state arrival of family. 

The night of December 23-24 my mom did not sleep well.  She was coughing and having a hard time catching her breath.  She is such a trooper as she barely said anything at breakfast.  At mid- day however, she was using a pulse oximeter to measure her blood oxygen levels and it read dangerously low.  After speaking to her home care nurse, mom was alerted that she needed oxygen right away.  It was such a struggle for her to agree to be taken to the hospital on Christmas Eve but we knew it was vital for her to get help. She was diagnosed with pneumonia, and the medical staff put her on a forced oxygen machine called a b-pap machine. After a day they realized it was not giving her body what she needed, and December 26 my mom and dad agreed to the doctor’s directive that she be intubated and put on a respirator machine.  On December 25th a sample from mom’s lungs was taken to diagnose what form of pneumonia she has so they can treat her specifically and accurately.  So now we wait and pray and hope.  We know that our Heavenly Father numbers all of our days.  We know that His ways are not always our ways.  We know he is all powerful and all knowing.  But because God also tells us to pray for healing, we will pray as we wait to see how God is writing my mom’s story.  Our hope is that she still has work to do on this earth, and God will fully heal her.