Katy Drekmann Katy’s NF tumor battle

First post: Jan 19, 2019 Latest post: Jan 26, 2019
 Katy is a vibrant five-year-old little girl who was recently diagnosed with NF type 1 disease. Katy is fighting with multiple tumors in her brain, optic nerves and along her spine. Recent news showed that her  tumor is growing at a much faster rate than anticipated. We were given the sad news that she is now legally blind in her left eye, and the tumor has started to grow onto the right optic nerve as well. Katie will be undergoing chemo therapy for 16 months to try to shrink these tumors and save her remaining site. Katie has three older siblings and a single  mom who are fighting to raise money, and help their family get through this shocking turn of events. We hope that you will learn more about NF1 and will be able to help wherever your heart feels the need to step up and assist her family and Katy thank you so much for following and doing what you can.