Kat Williams

First post: Dec 3, 2018 Latest post: Feb 9, 2019
I have decided to start this page so Kat can have the opportunity to read and listen to all of the amazing stories and moments you have shared together! She will need plenty of well wishes and laughter while recovering,! So please feel free to fill this board up with your love and antics! 

BEFORE I END THIS, KAT AND I WOULD LIKE TO GIVE A GREAT BIG THANK YOU AND WE LOVE YOU, TO ALL OF YOU THAT HAVE SUPPORTED US IN OUR TIME OF NEED. I am talking to you Unity family, Asheville family, and Louisiana family! You have been our rock and motivation through it all. It is literally because of you that we have made it this far. Your beautiful support at the Asheville and Black Mountain fundraisers, your support and gifts of love at our wedding, and now your joy and blessings for this grand but not final step.  In Blessed Unity fashion: "We love YOU, we bless YOU,  we appreciate YOU, and we behold the divinity in YOU!