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This all feels so self-serving.  Especially as a usually private person.  HOWEVER, I have realized there are people who love me, or maybe just like me, and want to know what is going on with my current situation.  

To conquer Stage 1B breast cancer with the bitch HER2 positive.  Ickk
Here's the lineup....

6 chemo treatments starting on August 12, will last for a total of 18 weeks.  Each treatment 6 hours. 
At the end of treatment, an MRI and continuation of the HER2 attack drug. 
4-6 weeks at the end of treatment we'll go ahead with the surgery (double mast. with implants)
After surgery, there will be another round of chemo but not the "hair losing" kind.  So once my hair starts growing back it can continue. 
All in all a whole year of this crap.  

Please excuse the lack of proper grammar, editing or proofing.  If I spend too much time on that, I'll never put this out and I'm finding this very cathartic. 

I believe this blog will help me accept help, release pent-up emotions, and (almost always) retain my sense of humor.   My faith is strong and this is a quest that I'll take head-on and day by day.  Thank you for your well wishes and support.  Take care of you and yours.