Katie Dupre Katie and Family Support

First post: Feb 6, 2021 Latest post: Feb 25, 2021
Welcome to our CaringBridge website for Katie, Ben, and their beautiful family. If you're looking for a way to help support them during this time, you can find out how here. We so appreciate your prayers, support, and words of hope and encouragement!

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See information under Ways To Help for signing up for a meal through MealTrain, sending gift cards, and how to help them financially directly.

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- Lanell

Katie has had back issues for many years, through it all she has continued to invest her time and physical energy into her family. From deep cleaning, raking, cooking, hauling... she’s never stepped away from getting the job done for her family, and those around her. 

For the past few years Katie has worked jobs that have continued to add strain to her back, yet she persevered.  All that came to a sudden stop when she started losing feeling in her legs and feet. At the insistence of her Dr. she went to ER where an MRI showed a disc had shattered, and bone that had become lodged in her spine.  Emergency surgery to clear the debris was immediately done, and luckily, surgery went well.  Katie is still waiting to see if she will recover all function of her legs and feet. She has already begun to regain some sensation, and so we pray and believe that she will have full feeling again! 

That being said, Katie and Ben would benefit from the power of community, coming together to help facilitate recovery and bills, as Katie will no longer be working, and Ben may need time away as he supports his wife and kids. 

If you know Katie, that’s probably because she stood up for you at some point in your life. She may have cleaned your closet, picked you up from the airport, sat with you in a hospital, cooked you an amazing meal, or made sure you knew you were a strong capable human being.  For all the times she’s shown up, she certainly deserves to find people on the other side, ready to show up now for her. If you would, please consider giving to help see them to the other side. 

Thank you, for embracing this family, holding them up, and championing them in their moment of need!