Kathy Progar

First post: Jan 31, 2021 Latest post: Oct 12, 2022

We have set up this site to update all our wonderful friends and family as we set out on a new journey.  First and foremost, we want to honor our Lord and Savior Jesus as we walk through this potentially hard path. We have always believed in God’s love for us, plan for our best good.  We believe all our days are known from the beginning and nothing that comes into our life is a surprise to Him.  So we now need to lean into our life-long faith, trust and belief.  So, if you are praying for us and not aware of current specifics, make it your prayer that we lean in and remain steadfast in this belief during “hard”.  

Many have already been part of the first steps of this journey.  As this journey has intensified, we are thankful for Caring Bridge as we have first hand become aware of the emotional toil that it takes updating all you wonderful people,  This is not intented to replace all other contacts but we will endeavor to keep this site up to date.  Keep your prayers and well wishing messages coming.  Each time, it is like a shot of strength.

This is Phil,  her husband, describing the journey  for my lovely wife.   I will start where we are currently as we start this site for those who are unaware of how we got here.  Today, Jan 30, 2021, we know that she has a pancreatic tumor due to cat scans and MRI testing.  Our gastro doctor is going to push things on Monday for a endoscopic ultrasound from Hershey Med.  While this is not yet considered surgery, it is exploratory with ultrasound and biopsies to determine the next steps.    That is the current prayer request that this get scheduled quickly.

So a brief history of the journey.  In November 2020, she began to feel discomfort in her upper abdominal area.  By December, it became apparent that she needed to get this looked at.  As it was, our first appointment was on Jan 8 with her family doctor who made an immediate referral to the gastro doctor with an EGD on January 14.  The EGD (scope review down the esophagus, stomach and start of intestine) was good...only minor findings.  So a cat scan was scheduled for January 21st; got canceled and was done on the 27th.  On January 28, we received the results that a tumor was found.  The findings had details that were grim. And brought despair emotions. Trust me when I tell  you, this changes everything in a moment.  Her family doctor happens to be a church friend and has been above and beyond in her availability,  assertive and caring for Kath.  She ordered an MRI the next day (Jan 29, Friday); this provided another level of details which cleared some of the grimness.  Then with more pushing and coordination with the gastro doctor, he called at the end of day and we stand ready for the next step. 

In summary, the grimness is rooted not only in the word cancer, but more in its location.  We are not doctors but we expect some level of malignancy and are hopeful that it is treatable with the best prognosis possible.  We would rejoice if the end result is benign, but do t anticipate that.  Join us please as we walk through this chapter.