Self Portrait: Determination

Kathy Crow

First post: Mar 25, 2019 Latest post: Aug 21, 2023
Hello friends!  On Saturday, March 23, my friend Suzi took me to the emergency room in Kalispell at my request. I had a headache on the left--not severe--and a hand tremor on the right. I had been avoiding driving for a couple of weeks prior to that, because the negative feedback from other drivers was making me aware that I was making poor decisions on the road.  Just the day before going to ER I had said to my friend, "I think I'm losing my mind!" After undergoing tests at the hospital, I was told I had a golf-ball sized brain tumor, I was being admitted to the hospital, and would have surgery on March 27. As you can see, since I am the one typing this, the surgery was successful! After more tests, I was told I had lung cancer which had metastasized to multiple places. 
My partner Mike, the best man in the world, came to my side immediately, although he was working  in Missoula, over two hours away. With his support and that of close friends and family, I am home again. I am extremely weak, unable to do much for myself yet, but I can see improvement daily. Radiation, likely followed by 6 hour infusions of chemotherapy and immunotherapy once every 3 weeks, will begin soon.
I don't care what the numbers, facts, and figures say. This is not a time for Dragnet's "Just the facts, Ma'am. Nothing but the facts." It is no accident that I have two friends who both were told years ago that they were going to die, and both are  clearly still very much alive, vibrant and glowing--proof positive that miracles can and do happen all the time. Spirit set me up ahead of time for this experience in so many ways, including my first hand evidence that there are always exceptions to every situation.
This is a time for complete and utter belief in miracles. Everyone sharing this website with me is part of my healing community. I am grateful for your love, your caring, your prayers. My request is that your prayers be prayers of gratitude for my complete healing which is already set in motion, gratitude for the transformation that is occurring every day, and gratitude for this amazing opportunity to come together and bond as a community in the circle of life. The greatest support you can give me is the pure positive energy of love and faith, that healing is not only possible but is happening at this moment. I do not see this as fighting a battle of resistance. Instead, I am aligning with the beautiful flow of All That Is, aligning with Spirit which is love and nothing but, and I rest in the utter conviction that  there is a purpose for me to remain on this planet. Thank you for joining and supporting me on this journey.