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For of those of you that do not know Mom has been sick for the last few weeks. She ended up having to go to the hospital for having a hard time breathing due to  rhino virus (common cold) and  they suspected it progressed to a viral pneumonia  and they felt she needed an ICU setting. Her breathing was progressively getting worse and they had her on a machine to help her breathe (ventilator). She was placed on a ventilator Tuesday October 9th. Currently she is in a medically enduced coma where the machine is doing 100% of the breathing for her to allow her lungs to rest. They want her to remain in this coma for at least 48 hours and have her lungs rest. After the 48 hrs they still slowly wake her up and try to wean her off of the breathing machine. This is an ongoing process and the treatment plan is changing frequently based on how she is doing.