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How, where, when for those who have come late to the news….

In late April 2019, just prior to a short break to Montenegro for Kathy’s birthday, she experienced some sharp pain in her side. This was diagnosed by the local GP as a potential kidney stone.

We went on holiday with medical approval and the pain worsened, so when we returned, Kathy arranged a private consultation with a specialist urologist. Tests were undertaken before being rushed to hospital in Chichester for an emergency operation to remove a bowel tumour. The surgeon noted significant cancers.


During May and June, Kathy received great care at St. Richard’s hospital in Chichester (our thanks to the ITU team and Selsey ward in particular).

As her mobility and health improved Kathy was moved in July to Salvington Lodge in Worthing (nearer to home  - hurrah!). By the 12th July she made the return home and was able to walk back through our front door.


After a period of slowly continuous improvement, Kathy was beginning to experience abdominal pain again and following a severe infection was referred to A&E Worthing by our lovely GP, Dr.Richards.

After a few days of antibiotic treatment  the infection was banished and  Kathy was made comfortable in Castle Ward.

The long awaited meeting with the oncologist happened on 19th September and Kathy was told the cancer had spread and arrangements would be made for palliative care at St.Barnabas’ hospice in Worthing