Kathie Brophy

First post: Sep 17, 2020 Latest post: Oct 1, 2020
This is where I will now be posting updates on my mom. Feel free to message me and ask me anything. I just need to be able to update in only one place. She is in the hospital with bleeding in her stomach. Thanks to rheumatoid medications, her liver is not filtering right and has lots of scar tissue. The blood cannot flow through it properly, so it backs up into the stomach and the esophagus. That causes those veins to be under too much pressure and can burst, which on Sunday, they did. She was bleeding into her belly and her hemoglobin and blood pressure were super low. They tried a procedure at Palos that was unsuccessful so they transferred her to Loyola. There, they did another procedure that they hoped would work, but unfortunately did not. Right now, they are doing a different procedure to place a stent in her liver to improve the blood flow. . It was supposed to happen on Wednesday the 16th, but was bumped due to multiple traumas that came in.  Her hemoglobin was stable at the time of her being taken this morning finally for the procedure. I will update here as often as I can....