Kate Hearne

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WATCH the YouTube video of Kate sharing her song "Hold On" -- (you may have to cut and paste this following URL into a new browser window) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Mp1NWRaVkU&feature=youtu.be

Dearest Family and Friends,

We created this Caring Bridge web site to keep all who love and care about Kate informed of her critical condition at this time. (((Please note, there are ADs on this Caring Bridge site that appeal to you for support for Caring Bridge and to donate for Kate to Caring Bridge -- any of these donations will NOT go to Kate -- PLEASE BE ADVISED dear friends --  and for other things like GoFundMe, etc. Our intention here is ONLY to benefit KATE HEARNE by keeping you informed so you can PRAY, and keeping you informed as a channel opens up for financial support of her medical expenses in the days to come. So in other words, to be more clear, Tribute donations etc. Only go to Caring Bridge, but do help THEM to make this free website available to families like ours.)))

Kate has been in the Intensive Care Unit at Roper | St. Francis Healthcare  in Charleston, SC since Tuesday night, December 4. Whatever has happened to her to cause her current critical, on-life-support condition -- has led to this point as of Saturday night, December 8 -- where ALL WE KNOW is that she is struggling for her life, and your prayers matter greatly. 

(Note: we do not have a clear picture at this time re: how many days Kate will be in the hospital. Please just PRAY and post comments here for us to share with her once she becomes able to hear or read them.  Flowers or cards not so important as prayers. If you wish to support in other ways, as soon as we figure out that aspect of Caring Bridge, we'll post an update.)

Since Kate was found unconscious this past Tuesday night at her home in Charleston, SC -- all of us in her immediate family have been waiting anxiously for encouraging signs of improvement. She remains unresponsive due to heavy sedation (required for the life-support measures being taken), and requires dialysis for kidney function, which has been causing seizures.

So there is no diagnosis at this time. The closest thing to a diagnosis is that Kate is very critically ill. We're in the midst of an intensive and thorough information-gathering stage. As more info is made available, we'll have more answers about an outcome. UPDATES WILL BE ADDED AS WE KNOW MORE!

The CAT scan last night came back with positive (as in good) feedback, but a subsequent MRI this morning came back with concerning evidence that reflects possible brain damage, though we hope and pray per the doctors at Roper that, once confirmed, there will be the possibility it can be reversed.

Tonight (Sat., Dec. 8) the Propofol (sedation / drug-induced coma) will be decreased to aid in reading the EEG for brain activity and to determine the extent of what if any brain damage has occurred, and if it is reversible. Often such damage IS reversible, and we choose to be POSITIVE about this dear family and friends!!!

(Note: stands to reason if the sedation is decreased, Kate's pain or discomfort likely will increase. Thank you for specifically lifting her up in your prayers for strength to endure this trial.)

Please check back and as we learn more in the coming hours and days, and in the midst of our travels and hours spent caring for Kate -- we'll do our very best to keep all informed of her progress.

Kate's mother Cindy has been by her side since flying to Charleston this past Wednesday morning. Her presence there has been a great comfort to all, and hopefully Kate somehow knows her mother is by her side.  And according to Cindy, this medical team is over the top in its care for Kate. Such a comfort.

Kate's father Lindy has been recovering from the flu, and is now healthy enough to travel to Charleston.  He and I (Lynn) journey to Charleston on Sunday, December 9; hopefully arriving sometime Monday afternoon or evening. 

As you can imagine, we are anxious to be in the same room with Kate as she struggles for her life.

Words fail us at this time. We know you understand. This is heart wrenching for us all. And we know it is for you too. Thank you for walking alongside us, and keeping it POSITIVE. Send Kate GOOD ENERGY, and pray for a turn around PLEASE and THANKS. Thank you ALL for your love and caring and PRAYERS for our beautiful and loving daughter, sister, aunt, granddaughter, niece, friend and bandmate.

And please read on -- just below in the P.S. we share with you all the lyrics of a song Kate recently wrote and sang when we were together for Lindy's 70th birthday and family camp-out weekend here at the song farm in Winnsboro just weeks ago in mid November. The words are poignant indeed. We'll get the campfire-captured audio posted ASAP (thank you sister Stephanie!!!) so you can hear Kate's soulful voice and the music that so beautifully delivers the lyrics straight to the heart.

Love to all,

Lynn & Lindy

P.S. Here are the lyrics to Kate's song...


Words & Music by Kate Hearne (2018  Earthen Vessel Music ASCAP)


Late at night when you’re feelin’ low

Write your song and you sing it slow. Don’t go.

All alone in a crowded room.

Hang on tight. Peace will come soon. Don’t go.


Hold on – pain ends. There’s a new chance for a new end.

Be still my friend. There’s a new day on the horizon.

Ooo ooh. There’s a new day on the horizon

Ooo  ooh


Fear can grip us day and night.

Don’t let it get you. Put up a fight. Don’t go.

Your past will try and haunt you, babe.

Use it for good. Use it today. Don’t go. (Chorus)


Look how far you’ve made it now.

They will come back someday, somehow.

You’ll be ready. You’ll be ready. You’ll be ready. You’ll be ready.

You’ll be ready. You’ll be ready. You’ll be ready. Just… (Chorus)

Hold on – pain ends. There’s a new chance for a new end.

Be still my friend. There’s a new day on the horizon.

Hold on – pain ends. There’s a new chance for a new end.

Be still my friend. There’s a new day on the horizon.

Ooo ooh. There’s a new day on the horizon.

P.P.S. Heartfelt thanks to dear friends Charleston friends Father Ted McNabb and Annetta McNabb, and Pastor Cress Darwin for being there for Kate and for our family in such meaningful and comforting ways.