Kate Gapp

Family and Friends! Hello from Honduras!

I have very exciting news to share, about how God is calling me to inspire people who have never dreamed to have the opportunity learn to play the violin right here in Honduras.

[Quick caveat- no one is sick, thanks be to God! I am simply using this particular website because unlike other funding websites, they will not take a portion of your donation. And I want to hear all of your ideas and comments, so please feel free to post!]

First, I'll explain a little about what I already do as a current member of the Missioners of Christ. As well as in Virgina, USA, the Missioners of Christ is based in Comayagua, Honduras. There are about 20 young adults who live here in our mission house and serve from anywhere from several months to several years. The majority are Hondurans, but there are also a handful of foreigners from the United States and other countries in latin america. (I could go on and on about how amazing and difficult and beautiful community life is and all about the joys and challenges of learning Spanish, but you can check out my blog for all of that later if you'd like.)

Since I arrived here in August, 2017, I have been mostly involved with local ministries. The Missioners of Christ have about 15 various ministries here in our city; orphanages, scholarship programs, parents’ groups, a hospital, a nursing home/care center for those with HIV/AIDS, etc. Within these ministries, I help plan and lead activities on a weekly basis, as well as simply accompany and support the people.

I have learned and continue to learn  SO MUCH about what it is to be Honduran, to be born and raised here, and how different it is from the place I was born and raised. But as eye-opening are the differences of a first world country to a developing nation, there are also stunning realities about H U M A N I T Y that simply do not vary. The search for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is universal; the desire to be known and loved, too. Ultimately, the search to know and be known by our true creator, the one and only God is the truth every human seeks, at some points more directly than others.

Now, fast forward to two weeks ago. I was asked to go to a place called “Cabanas” and to “bring my violin” for an overnight visit to help with a program I was vaguely aware had to do with music. It’s only in the car on the way there that I learn we are participating in the inaguration of a fine-arts program is a first step to a long-term vision of a music school that the municipality of Cabanas hopes to implement.

And right now is a therefore a critical time, because those with interest and capacity to make this school and even program a reality first want to see if there is sufficient interest and dedication among the students of Cabanas. For this we were asked to come most importantly to ignite the passion, to inspire and to motivate. I also learned that I was going lead a violin workshop that afternoon. To a bunch of people who don’t have instruments. And speak only Spanish. AND IT WAS AMAZING. The people were so inspiring! More than fifteen “students” showed up and had to share two rusty violins, as well as deal with my almost-functional Spanish, but they were JOYFUL. They did not see the obstacles; they saw the opportunity. And it was contagious.

Let me back up again. The theme of music and particularly of violin has been pursuing me since I’ve arrived in Honduras. I didn’t come here to teach violin lessons...I thought. But Cabanas is not the first place I’ve been personally asked to be involved. When people hear violin they want to learn how to play it! They want to experience the beauty personally. And in Honduras, there just aren’t the opportunities to learn that we have in the states. When you can barely put food on the table for your children, buying a violin is never going to be a priority.  

So now I am walking out into the deep, taking a leap of faith, and committing my time, my efforts, and my talent to people who DESERVE an opportunity that they will not have if I do not choose to give of the talent that I have been given. It is extremely humbling to say “yes” to this project when I don’t feel equipped or sure, but it is WORTH IT. Because music is a universal language of the human heart, and it brings peace in healing where it is so needed.

Entonces, yo pido tu ayuda- I am asking for your help! The vision of opening a music school in Cabanas is long-term, but there is a very important step we are taking in May. From May 13-19 we are putting on a mission in Cabanas specifically dedicated to sports and fine arts. During the Varsity Mission, as it’s called, I will be spending the week giving violin workshops and lessons and arranging a concert with the guitar teacher, Wilmer, to present all we have worked on at the end of the week.

I am so excited to share this project with you all and for you to be able to play an essential part of it. Thorough your donations to help purchase instruments, cases, strings, music books, metronomes, and tuners, we can equip at least 20 passionate, inspired youth and adults to learn to play the violin! Short term, my goal is to purchase 6 violins from a vendor here in Honduras by the end of March in order to get my new students practicing before May.. And even beyond this goal, we can give these humans the opportunity to use their time constructively and bring positive inspiration to a corner of the world that has never before had the chance to embrace music in this unique coming together of cultures and lives.

With your help, I am confident that God will provide! Stay posted for updates and please, be generous!