Karl(Skip) Selix

First post: Sep 25, 2021 Latest post: Sep 30, 2021
In May Skip had decided to retire and start enjoying some free time so as of the end of May he was done driving semi trucks!  
About 1 week before that day he hurt his right shoulder and found out he need surgery to repair it!  After waiting what seemed like forever to us he finally got scheduled for a pre op physical.  Our world started to fall apart then, they found some suspicious spots on his chest xray so went for a  CT.   The CT found more on his liver and  adrenal gland so he needed a liver biopsy.    Skip has continually been losing so much weight and getting weaker and the only pain he complains of is his shoulder!  When he talks with the oncologist about the bx results he asked the Dr to not mince any words and our worst fears were spoken.  He had stage 4 small cell lung cancer in both lungs, liver and the adrenal gland and without treatment they think he has 1 month.  If he does chemo therapy it might give him 8 months.  
Skips sister Beth has just lost her husband Antero suddenly to a massive stroke the same day Skip got his diagnosis and he wants more time to get his affairs in order so goes the next day to St Mary's hospital in Duluth to start his chemo.  The fist 2 days he tolerates the meds very well and seems just anxious to go home after the 3rd round.  Then he can wait for 3 weeks for the next one.
They decide to do a PET scan annd then a head CT.  These results are devastating to us and seems to have hit Skip pretty hard too.  Now the cancer is also in his brain and skull.  The Dr said this hasn't changed his prognosis as far as they are concerned but for us it's devastating.  He so weak and we just don't know what comes next.
Please pray for Skip and his famly.