Karina Wickham Karina Wickham

First post: Feb 28, 2020
Our 15 year old daughter Karina has been sick more than half her life. We finally got the diagnosis of Dysautonomia last month at Mayo Clinic. Her health is so poor that she hasn’t been able to attend school for months and some days can’t even get out of bed. She’s nauseated and vomiting every day and deals with her heart racing to 140 beats upon standing sometimes, along with chronic pain and debilitating headaches.

We finally received word that she was accepted into the month long outpatient clinic, the only one in the world with such comprehensive treatment, at Mayo Clinic next month. Insurance will cover all but $6000. Here’s the kicker, we are not eligible to stay in the Ronald McDonald House with this program since it is outpatient and there are too many people in the program and not enough space so we have to pay for lodging, food, travel, etc. 

We would do anything to see Karina get better. We sold our house and have used the money to pay for all the doctor and hospital bills. Now we need help. We need to cover a month long stay there in Minnesota, travel there and travel for us to switch off staying with her, and neither of us have enough paid time off work anymore so we will also have lost income. 

The pain clinic has a very high success rate for treating her condition and most kids can return to a normal schedule upon completion. Karina has missed out on so much of life. Please help her not miss anymore. Thank you!