Karina Harbaugh Karina Harbaugh

First post: Sep 7, 2022
Hi friends and family! 
One could say we plan our ways, but then a curveball comes and shifts our trajectory. 
You're reading this because our sweet friend/family member/fellow Rockstar nurse, Karina, will be having surgery Oct 28th, and as her tribe, we want to be there for her in any capacity, right? Why does she need surgery, you ask? It was an incidental find: They were doing an US of her uterus after she was having abnormal bleeding, and they found a teratoma tumor. She will have to have a complete hysterectomy on October 28th, with about 4+ weeks of recovery thereafter. If you're able to, please consider giving directly through this platform to offset medical funds, making her a meal during her recovery (or a couple meals-- if you live closeby), or offering to order her some uber eats to the house while she's recovering at home post op. Even if you're unable to contribute to her monetary fund or meal train, if you're able to, make arrangements to visit Karina (everyone knows a smile and a friendly face is sometimes better then medicine). Maybe even consider blessing her by cleaning her house post op; who wants to recover in a dusty home when you're itching to do it yourself but can't. Thanks all! Let's rally around our girl through this :) 
***No allergy restrictions that affect Karina or her kids
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