Karen Voorhees

First post: Aug 26, 2019 Latest post: Aug 26, 2019
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Karen’s story 

I am a 3 time victim of violence with full custody, no visits, due to the violence. As a federal employee you aren’t eligible for disability or social security. Or unemployment. I was cut off on the freeway spun out, hit one wall and then hit the center divider head on, I completely shattered my ankle, so much so infection and amputation is a huge worry for the next 4-5 more weeks. Making me incapable to work, for up to almost a year, the doctor is saying. They are predicting at least 16 more weeks off of work with no pay, not to mention my 7/15,7/24 and any future surgeries, for sure there will be one in 6 weeks. The main concern now is infection and not getting it, so I don’t lose my foot or worse my leg. I haven’t been eating cause feeding my kids comes first, and stress I’ve lost my appetite. The hospital is trying to help with meals now so the 2 main concerns are medical bills and more importantly day to day bills since I am federal employee. I will have no income coming in for at least 8-12 months. I am a single mom so asking for any help is the hardest thing I have ever done, asking for help, that is. Anything will help me to keep the lights on and later the heat on, mortgage, HOA, insurance etc, if needed they can live without cable they already live without WiFi and have never had it. Thank you for taking the time to read this the 35,000-50,000$ would cover the bills, which are the most important, My main concern is about the daily bills and supplies for the 4 kids I raise on my own. We all know the hospital bills will most likely be way more than what I am predicting. I went from 1 week in one hospital to two days at home, to right back into the Hospital for another week. I know I have at keast one more surgery in 6 weeks, how long my stay in the hospital that time is unknown . Currently  Toilet paper toothpaste food etc are concerns  I don’t drink and haven’t for a few months, so none of the money would go to anything like that, thank you for your support this is a humbling time for me and it is appreciated that you even took the time to read it my dilemma. I really appreciate your time and any donations you can.