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Karen Jacobson

First post: May 16, 2018 Latest post: May 22, 2018
Mom has had congestive heart failure for a few years now.  Her heart has gradually become weaker and weaker.  Today she was flown to Fairview University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.  It was discussed to either do hospice or have an LVAD implanted to give her heart a chance to pump better.  Back story:  Mom passed out, while sitting down playing bingo at the Eagles on April 28th.  They think her heart went into an arrithymia that made her pass out.  She was in the hospital in Bemidji for 10 days waiting for a defibrillator and pace maker to be placed-there were a few set-backs such as her heart going into afib and fluid building.  On Monday May 7th they were able to place a defibrillator but were unable to find a vein to successfully place the lead for the pace maker.  She went home on May 8th.  On Friday May 11th her heart went into afib and she was back to the hospital.  There are so many more details that I could share but this pretty much sums it up.  She looked good this morning and had no desire to let her heart quit without the fighting chance.  She was looking forward to the helicopter ride.  I am thankful she will now be closer to more specialized care.  We will see how much this information changes once they get ahold of her.  ;-). Positive thoughts and prayers for my mom.  She has a silent grace about her and a heart that has been challenged far more than life should allow.