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Karen Bright

First post: May 31, 2018 Latest post: Jun 14, 2018
At the end of October 2017, Karen was having extreme back pain that landed her in the ER. There they did a CT scan and discovered that she had liver cancer. It is metastatic, originally sourced from her breast cancer that she dealt with back at Christmas of 2015/spring 2016. We thought we were in the clear after then but apparently, the cancer spread to her liver, lungs and her spine. What was actually causing her initial pain was a tumor on her spine near the nerve at T-11. She did radiation treatment at the Cancer Institute of America in Atlanta which got rid of the pain and the tumor there. She also has a herniated disk which adds to that back pain complication. She has 7 tumors in her liver. They are too progressed for surgery or chemo.  Since October, she's been in and out of the ER, in and out of the hospital, and under and outside of various doctors' care. She was most recently in the ER and then the hospital at Menorah in Lenexa, KS. 

Currently she is under the care of the oncologist Dr.  Joseph Stilwill who works out of Menorah Medical Center in Lenexa, KS. While there are no treatment options available to cure the cancer, there are still a lot of pain management options and that is what is being sought for currently. This page will chronical her personal health updates as she continues to pursue living a life for the glory of God.