Karen Larson

First post: Sep 27, 2022 Latest post: Sep 29, 2023
Welcome Friends! This page is to share updates about Karen's journey.  Over the last year, she began having  difficulty breathing, swallowing, and talking.  The normal diagnostic tests - an endoscopy, pulmonary, swallow and stress tests still lead to no answers - everything seemed fine. This fall, her doctor sent her to an ENT for a thorough look at her neck. They found a paralyzed vocal cord followed by CT scans showing a mass and  finally an MRI done on  Sept 9, 2022.  There is a thyroid tumor invading into her trachea as well as the nerve that innervates her vocal cord with some involvement of her esophagus.

 This was the answer we were waiting on, but not the results we wanted to hear.  The doctors have worked quickly to schedule an 8 hour surgery on September 28th.  We know it's a complicated surgery involving reconstructive work with two doctors, but we don't have many details.   We would appreciate your prayers for a successful surgery and a positive outcome. This is all very surreal as it has happened so quickly. We don't know if Karen will be able l to talk for a while after the surgery - which you all know is going to be very hard for her. I'm sure she would love to read your emails (fklarson@gmail.com) as time allows and we'll keep you posted as we know more.

The Larson, Hamilton, Vipond Family


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