Melody Nolan Karaoke Heaven

First post: Jan 12, 2019
Welcoming to Karaoke Heaven! Participate in my journey as I find peace and harmony with my Karaoke Family, Soundchaser, in Oshkosh, WI. I am a passionate mental health advocate, musician, and proponent of hospice music therapy. 
These days when people pass away, it is common for people to have "A Celebration of Life." My wish is to celebrate my life while I'm still here - and if you want to celebrate my life I want to be able to witness it: Please, celebrate life with me today; remember me after I'm gone. 
This forum is one way you can celebrate my life. It is a vehicle for sharing that which defines the essence of my being: Music. 
My greatest desire is to connect with and bring others together through the timeless bonds of rhythm and harmony. I am eternally grateful to my Music Angels and my Karaoke Family. Please use this page to share stories of song and to build musical memories. 
*Please refrain from asking questions pertaining to my condition. The purpose of this page is to celebrate my life and the joy music brings me. My greatest joy is hearing how music has blessed others. The most meaningful gift you can give me is a new song to hear or a unique interpretation of a piece of music. I will do my best to respond, but please know that if I do not, your suggestions are being passed along and played for me. Please share your favorites, listen to the songs mentioned by others,  and make comments. I want to witness the ripple effect of sharing music beginning with my post below and see if indeed music is the harmonious pathway to eternity.