Kamilla Lara

First post: Jun 5, 2020 Latest post: Jun 24, 2020
Hello Family and Friends of the Lara Family.
My name is Mady. Angela is my beautiful cousin. I am starting this page to help keep everyone informed and to hopefully guide your prayers in the upcoming weeks.
On Tuesday June 2nd Kamilla was complaining of a headache and became unresponsive. Angela and Lalo called 911 and she was transported to St. Jude where they found a brain bleed on CT. She was then transported to CHOC where she was brought to the operating room for neurosurgery at 1:30 in the morning for a craniotomy. Kamilla has been intubated and sedated for the last three days and today we are hoping to extubate and see what impact this has had on Kamilla physically and mentally.
The bleed was on her left side of the brain and this controls movement on your right side and speech. 

With Covid-19 the circumstances have been made that much more difficult. With only being able to have Lalo and Angela at the bedside and this is only under special circumstances. Soon they'll only be allowed one parent at the bedside and have to trade off. 

I work in the ICU at CHOC and will help to facilitate communication to everyone until Ang and Lo are ready to do it themselves.