Kaitlyn Van De Hey

First post: Mar 13, 2019 Latest post: Jan 30, 2023
Family and friends, Thank you so much for your support and prayers as Kaitlyn begins this journey. We are keeping our faith that physicians treat and God heals. Kaitlyn was admitted to Aurora BayCare this past weekend. 1 liter of blood was removed from her heart and more fluid was removed from her lungs. Physicians were shocked by Kaitlyn's strength as most people wouldn't have survived that much fluid on vital organs. After numerous tests, the medical team found a mass in her right atrium. Physicians still don't have a diagnosis. The mass is protruding through the heart wall causing blood to leak. She has spent the last few nights in the ICU with a heart drain to keep as much fluid/blood as possible off her heart region. She has been fighting through pain and fatigue but her sweet smile and laugh continue every hour. Her vitals have been relatively stable.  At this time, Kaitlyn has been approved for the transfer to Mayo and is waiting for all the details to be set up. Today, March 14th she will be transported via airplane to Mayo to get the best possible treatment. We are all taking this day by day as things change but we will never stop fighting with Kaitlyn. One of the sweetest humans you'll ever meet will get through this. We'll continue to use this site to keep you updated as things develop. We know everyone can't be here so feel free to use this site to share your prayers, love, encouragement and anything that is on your heart. All of the love in the world to you all! -Team Kaitlyn