Kadie Stoltz

First post: Nov 27, 2018 Latest post: Jul 22, 2019
Kadie experienced a significant cardiac event the evening of Sunday, November 25. She collapsed in her home and was unresponsive. Sloan (8 yrs old) was incredibly brave and called her aunt Jenna on FaceTime for help, her uncle Jason (Jenna’s husband) called 911 while Jenna had Sloan run next door and get their neighbor Mark. Mark started CPR until the rescue team arrived and took over. Tyler’s parents on a fluke had decided to swing by to see the kids and got to the house just as the paramedics were getting there. They got her stabilized and transported to the emergency department at Sanford. Joan (Ty’s mom) rode in the ambulance with Kadie and Mel (Ty’s dad) stayed with the kids. She was moved to the ICU and put in hypothermic state to allow her body to rest and send oxygen to her brain for healing.