Kimmy Wilcox Just the Beginning

First post: Jul 23, 2022 Latest post: Jul 10, 2023
If anyone is interested, I prefer sharing with my family and friends here vs. meta. My story isn't necessarily inspiring, but it's all I have to remind me to live in the present.  Not much happening yet and everyday is lets wait and see how I feel. I had several months of delays to finally get to this point.  Still I know very little.  I found a large lump in my breast in March 2022.  It was the same area that had been biopsied in February 2021.  I broke my foot in April, so mammogram was rescheduled six weeks out and then there was delay getting ultrasound and another delay seeing breast surgeon which delayed my biopsy.  Finally, June 30, 2022 I get the phone call that the cyst is cancer.  On July 7th, I learn that the .7 mm tumor from 2021 is now 3 Cm and it's a rare type of breast cancer as the cyst is Medullary and Triple Negative.   Stage 3. Oh??  They aren't going to remove it immediately, but will treat with chemotherapy.  Oh??  The oncologist wasn't sure how exactly and needed more info.  Later that evening, Jimmy's mom passed away after several long goodbyes with Alzheimer's.
Long story short here, July 10, I get the worse COVID and I had to cancel multiple tests and appointments.  On Friday July 22, I finally had my surgery for chemo port.  My breast MRI showed 4 other cysts, but it's a wait and see during Chemo if they respond (disappear).  I didn't want to experience the pain of 4 biopsies and my doctor agreed.