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First post: Jun 7, 2022 Latest post: Jun 27, 2022
Sunday, June 5th around 5 a.m Justin woke up with excruciating pain. It was his right knee. We thought it was another case of bursitis, he’s got a history of it, he had it in august 2021 but it stayed in his knee area and was healed with two weeks. This situation was something different. After his initial trip to the ER at 6 Sunday morning, he came back to the condo (we had just arrived for our family vacation) and began some pain meds. Nothing was touching it. By 3:00 pm, Justin knew something was wrong. His knee had tripled in size and the pain was not going away. So we headed back to the ER. He was immediately taken back and automatically put on sepsis protocol. Within 15 minutes we were being admitted; he was having an IV set and pain meds pushed. 

Once we were in his admitting room, the nurse said his blood pressure was crucially low, heart rate up and o2 levels were low and fever of 103. They did what they could to help. Next thing was ICU. With him being a sepsis protocol and low blood pressure, ICU was the best place so they could monitor him through the entire night. Yesterday, the surgeon came in and decided not to wait on a CT OR X-RAY and wanted to get him in the OR next. With this surgery, they were going in and cutting into his leg. At this point, he was swollen from his upper thigh to his ankle and was red with heat. They were worried about how his blood pressure would handle him being under and did warn he may be on a vent afterwards. Scary! 

He came out of his surgery with a cut going up his inner thigh, outer thigh and lower and outer leg and then one across his knee. He has wound vacs currently sucking more fluid off. They said his tissues and muscles looked great, but they did say the epidermis layer was Inflamed and they pulled a lot of fluid off. They swabbed the tissue to see what the fluid was coming from and what was causing the possible sepsis. He was able to come off the vent and while I was in the room, ortho aspirated his knee to send off for cultures. They said if the cultures came back with growth he would go back into surgery to scrap that knee cap. The results from the cultures they did during surgery wouldn’t be fully back for 48 hours. 

The surgeon told me they would take it day by day but there is no timeline on how long we will be here. The surgeon mentioned a week to 10 days originally until I told him we were from out of town. He doesn’t want to transfer him because he isn’t stable and honestly, I don’t want that either. Tuesday, June 7th, my mother-in-law and father-in-law went to be with him so I could spend a day with my babies! My sister came down Sunday night/Monday morning to help with the kids and some of Justin’s family was already down here on vacation so our boys (5&3) have been with them 90% of the trip. Todays; update is they still don’t have culture results back yet as of 1:16 pm. I will share when I can!