June Rodysill

First post: Oct 30, 2020 Latest post: Nov 13, 2020
My mom really hasn’t been feeling all that great since she got back from Florida in February. She, and others on her trip to Florida, developed a bad upper respiratory illness. She has had a small cough ever since. Once Covid was a thing, we wondered if she and the others could have had it. Anyways, life went on and she started to feel better. 

Covid hit and my normally VERY social mom was stuck at home like the rest of us. She went on daily walks,etc. but soon she started to get tired easily, but chalked it up to her older age and just not being as active anymore. 

I took her to my cabin in late July and after stopping at a restaurant on the way up, she fell on her way to the bathroom. She had a goose egg on her head, and some bruises and what she thought were bruised ribs. She wouldn’t go to the Dr. then, but eventually did a virtual visit and they said if it was bruised ribs they couldn’t do anything for her and to wait it out. She had a nagging pain in her middle abdomen that persisted. Finally, she was convinced to go to the Dr. and have them take a look. Well it’s a new Dr. (her old Dr of many years had recently retired) and this Dr didn’t know my mom. She said the pain was probably from acid reflux and to try Prevacid for 2 weeks. She did, but still a painful belly and now add in constant nausea, so she’s not eating much, getting weaker and just not feeling good. She calls the Dr. again and they send her for some lab work finally, and on October 23rd they call and say her liver enzyme test was high and she should go to the ER. So off we went. 
At the ER they ran some other tests and a CT scan of her chest/abdomen and came back to us with what looks like metastatic spots on her lung, liver and some lymph nodes. Of course nothing will be certain until she sees an oncologist, but at this point, we are concerned