Juli O'Brien

First post: Apr 19, 2021 Latest post: May 1, 2021
Starting this page to keep everyone updated on my fight with cancer. I had a Mammogram in July 2020. Due to Covid I was given a zoom appt with the office for my results. My regular doctor wasn't in, so her partner read my results and said Mammo was good, no concern.  Fast forward to February 2021. I was in a rehabilitation for depression, Anxiety, and alcoholism. I was laying down one day and felt like removing my bra for the first time since I'd been there and I felt this huge hard lump under my right breast. I started to freak out. I have always had cystic breasts and know what they feel like and this was no cyst. I asked nurses there to feel it but most wouldn't because they thought it would interfere with my recovery. They told me to see my Doctor when I get out.  I was released from rehab on 2/22/21. I immediately called my doc and made appt. ASAP. When she felt my breast she said it felt suspicious. She proceeded to look up my mammo and said "I didn't read these results to you, did I?" I told her no. She then told me that if she read my results she would have sent me for an ultrasound for a concerning image on my mammo. All of a sudden I was thrown into this nightmare. First ultrasound and the test came back with cancer markers with blood flow in growth and its 95% cancer. I was then referred to breast surgeon where a biopsy was performed. The results came back as Stage II Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. Breast surgeon ordered an MRI to see if it spread to my lymphnodes. Results came back negative. Good news. He then referred me to Oncologist to discuss chemo. Went to Oncologist on 4/12/21 (keep in mind almost two months after I found lump). She asked me about medical conditions I have. I advised her I gave Mitral and Tricuspid valve regurgitation. This caused issues. She ordered me multiple tests. Catscan of full body, bone scan, bone density test, echocardiogram, referred me to a cardiologist to clear me for the proper chemo that won't damage my heart any further and advised me to get a Covid shot. So as of today all these appts. are pending in the next couple weeks. 

I was scheduled to get Covid shot on 4/13 (J & J shot-1 shot deal) and the morning of the shot day, the shot was paused by the CDC and FDA for side effects. Same day I called the cardiologist they referred me to and they don't take my insurance. So I had to call around to get a new referral. It's been nothing but bumps in the road so far. I managed to sign up for Pfizer shot in a couple days.  

More to come as I complete my future tests. Thank you all for reading. I will update as I get more info. Much love!💚💚💚