Julie Wetmore

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Well it all started after a day of "spring" cleaning, despite in IL it was still snowing in March and April,  I felt pain under my left arm.  I noted to have a golf ball sized know in my armpit.  It was painful at the time.  I was scheduled to run in the Shamrock Half marathon in Virginia Beach the next weekend, which I did.  The pain continued most of the weekend.  Upon returning I went to see my doctor.  Labs did not show anything out of the ordinary a minor elevation in my CRP.  My mammogram was negative, however due to the fact that there was not change in the lump I had a biopsy and that was when my life change-the pathology report showed metastatic breast cancer.  I had a MRI which was also negative.  Nothing like being a zebra, I could be a horse.  For you medical types you know what I'm taking about.  More testing revealed triple negative markers.  PET scan only showed uptake in the left axillary area, fibroid uterine tumor biopsy negative.  DNA testing was negative for any abnormal DNA. 

3/23: Port( Nemo), yes I named my port,  inserted.

 3/24 felt for DC to teach TNCC-  cancer will not slow me down, it pick the wrong woman to mess with. 

5/4 first chemo treatment with doxorubin (Adriamycin) and cytophosphamide( (AC).  Had supports by my side Brenda Melissa and Nilsa. I don't want my treatment to be a sad time but more like a party of getting rid of Voltermont (that's what I named my tumor). 

5/5 left to Saginaw for my site visit.  I was really tired and sort of in brain fog on Saturday, but I had not been sleeping.  Most likely due to the large dose of decadron I receive before my treatment.