Julie Ryburn

First post: Jul 28, 2019 Latest post: Dec 7, 2019

Julie had a pace maker installed approximately 12 years ago due to a hereditary  conditions known bradycardia. Also known as a slow heart and Sick Sinus Syndrome. The last 12 years have been great and her heart has kept up through bike rides, half marathon and family gatherings. 

This last Tuesday when she and her friend Shelli  were out on a mountain bike ride in castle rock. She had an episode with her heart and went into cardiac arrest. Shelli doubled back and found her on the ground then promptly called 911 and started CPR. Since she was admitted to the hospital she has been unresponsive but has been showing neurological improvements. There has been brain damage due to lack of oxygen/blood to the brain when her heart stopped. At this point we are at the hurry up and wait  stage. The best case scenario is that Julie begins to respond to commands neurologically and continues her positive trend upwards. Keeping praying for Julie and hope that our great God presents her with a great miracle.

If you plan to visit Julie in the hospital please come by after noon. Thanks.