Julie Burke

First post: Jan 18, 2020 Latest post: Mar 4, 2021
Right now, the ‘unknowns’ vastly outweigh the ‘knowns’ and we are in the anxious place of waiting for the next battery of appointments and tests that will tell us the specifics of what we’re facing. In between the craziness that already is our life, and now with doctor appointments, along with starting the painful process of tell our families and friends… the whole thing seems surreal and I don’t know how much we’ve actually started to process it all yet.

However, we are also quickly discovering that while this disease is touching Julie’s body, the journey is going to touch us all. From me and little Declan, to our families, to our medical team, to our friends, to our employees, to anyone who has had a history with cancer, and the list goes on … we are seeing how this news intersects so many people’s journey and brings questions, fear, anger, and a myriad of other emotions.

One of the things that drew Julie and me back to Prescott after college was the great community we have here. From all our extend family, to our church network, all our connections in the business world, the boards, committees, and commissions we sit on, and just all the great friends we have in this town… we are beyond blessed by the vast network of incredible people in our lives. And while there is so much encouragement in having all these people surrounding us… there is a piece of it that is overwhelming as we seek to honor each of you and how this news intersects your journey.

For now, this app is going to be our effort to connect with as many as we can, and to allow you to connect with us. We will be sharing all the information we have on test results, progress, and ways people can help. This all is happening so fast and our lives are so busy that we can’t promise that we’re going to have time for all the calls, conversations, and visits we would like to have. But we will do everything we can to connect and keep everyone up to date here.

We are already overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support we’ve received from everyone. This is journey we are all on together… and while it’s a path we wish we weren’t walking down… we are grateful that we have so many wonderful people surrounding us with their love, prayers, meals, time, and friendships. Thank you! We love you all!